35,000 Investors! We are giving free bonuses! Dear partners,

Today we have reached 35,000 members! This is amazing and we are happy to celebrate this number with you.

Due to this, we are happy to announce that during next 5 days we will be giving free bonuses.

If you deposit the following amounts, you will receive bonus to 1200% investment plan, which you will be able to withdraw at the end of the investment period.


5% bonus for deposits equal or more than 0.1 btc
10% bonus for deposits equal or more than 0.3 btc
20% bonus for deposits equal or more than 0.5 btc
50% bonus for deposits equal or more than 1 btc
100% bonus for deposits equal or more than 10 btc

In order to receive bonus, just send us email after you make deposit.

Don't loose the opportunity to earn much more, while we are celebrating 35,000 users.

Best Regards,
NewMontMining LTD.
Nov-11-2019 03:21:16 PM
4 Steps To Become Rich Anyone Can Take It's not just bank account balances that separate the rich from the middle class. The wealthiest, most successful people tend to think differently. Getting rich begins with the way you think and what you believe about making money.

1. Successful people block out fear.

The great ones are operating at a level of consciousness where fear doesn't exist. At this level of thought, anything seems possible. Every dream that seems crazy to the masses looks surprisingly doable. To operate at this level, you have to be willing to leave your comfort zone, which is exactly what the richest people do.

“Don’t let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning." – Robert Kiyosaki

2. Successful people invest early and often to become rich

The single most crucial thing you can do to ensure your financial future is investing — and the sooner you start, the easier it is to get rich.
This isn’t just words. There’s more than 100 years of evidence in the stock market that suggests this. Still don’t believe me? Let’s look at a real world example of how to become rich by investing in NewMontMining LTD. Here is how your profit will change if you invest 1 bitcoin and will reinvest your profit every day during 14 days.

Day 1. 8% of 1 = 0.08
Day 2. 8% of 1.08 = 0.0864
Day 3. 8% of 1.1664 = 0.093312
Day 4. 8% of 1.259712 = 0.10077696
Day 5. 8% of 1.3604889 = 0.1088391
Day 6. 8% of 1.4693280 = 0.11754624
Day 7. 8% of 1.586874 = 0.1269419
Day 8. 8% of 1.713823 = 0.13710584
Day 9. 8% of 1.850928 = 0.14807424
Day 10. 8% of 1.999 = 0.15992
Day 11. 8% of 2.15892 = 0.1727136
Day 12 8% of 2.3316336 = 0.18653
Day 13 8% of 2.71961668 = 0.2175693
Day 14 8% of 2.93718598 = 0.2349748784

Just 14 days of reinvestment and you will increase your daily profit by 3 times from 0.08 btc to 0.234975 btc daily!

3. Rich people set their expectations unreasonably high.

While the middle class sets their financial expectations low so they're never disappointed, the rich set their expectations exceptionally high — they're up for any challenge. Ancient wisdom says you get what you expect, yet many people decide to limit their lives to middle-class mediocrity in an effort to protect themselves from failure.
Once they set ambitious goals, they immediately start looking for ways to tackle them. Champions don't wait for things to happen, they make things happen.

4. Rich people think of making money as a game.

Rich people think of business, life, and earning as a game — and it's a game they love to win. The excitement of "playing the game" pushes them to continually raise their level of expectation

Best Regards,
NewMontMining LTD
Nov-7-2019 06:41:44 PM
How To Get 0.005 BTC For Free Do you want to earn without investing? Our company offers 0.001 BTC bonus for each post or video in any social network.

Just make a video or write a post telling about our company and its advantages. You can even use your referral links in these posts or videos and earn additional commission. You will receive 5% commission from each deposit that your referral make!

Facebook post – 0.001 btc
Youtube video – 0.001 btc
Instagram post – 0.001 btc
VK post – 0.001 btc
Twitter post - 0.001 btc

1. You can make only one post or video in each social network.
2. You should have at least 100 friends or subscribers in your social network profile.
3. Bonus funds are added to 1200% Investment plan and you will earn even more!

To claim your bonus just send email to where you need to provide your username and links to all posts that you created.

Best Regards,
NewMontMining LTD
Nov-5-2019 02:22:43 PM
Invest Today And Get 103% Profit Tomorrow! Dear Partners,

We hope you had a great time this weekend. But tomorrow is Monday and it means - new week and new opportunities!

Some of you send us emails, asking how you can trust our company. We understand your concerns, because there are a lot of scams nowadays. So we decided to clarify this point.

First of all, NEWMONT MINING LTD is registered in the United Kingdom as "NEWMONT MINING LTD".

Secondly, we strongly urge you not only to trust words, but to test in practice. That is why we have created special trial investment plan, so you can test our system and receive first profit in 24 hours (including principal/your initial deposit). Many of our partners have already received their profit and successfully withdrew it to your wallets.

Give it a try and invest any amount (min 0.001 btc) in 103% After 24 hours investment plan and you won’t be disappointed. For instance, if you invest 0.1 btc today, tomorrow you will be able to withdraw 0.103 btc. All withdrawals are instant and automatic.

Best Regards,
NewMontMining LTD.
Nov-3-2019 03:13:28 PM
NEWMONT MINING LTD is coming! We welcome you on our investment service.
We hope that you will enjoy of our client friendly interface that we prepared.
Our investment service is totally ready for a long-term and mutually beneficial service for our clients.
Our company is committed to a long and mutually beneficial cooperation to give you an opportunity to gain expected profit with reliable investment plans, high level of technical security and experienced risk management.
Best regards,
Nov-1-2019 08:10:39 AM